Who are we

The National Planning Council

The National Planning Council is a Libyan governmental organization, responsible to prepare studies that define the objectives, policies and strategies of economic and social development, and to develop, invest and maximize the use of natural, human and financial resources and capabilities and maximize the use of them, through the findings of experts and specialists From all the major and Lybian local council rules and components.
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A Consulting and training Company specialized in the economic, administrative, financial and technical fields. It provides audit services in administrative, technical, economic and financial transactions for entities, institutions and companies.
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International Five Consulting

An international company providing digital services and innovative IT products. Established in Europe, Africa and Asia, it supports its clients in their digital transformation efforts adaptable to the challenges of tomorrow. IFC implements strategic and operational missions with business and IT departments, around data, digitalisation, infrastructure, agility and security.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Digitalization & IT Solutions
  • Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Certified Trainings
  • Infrastructure
  • Efficient Consulting

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Since its establishment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has represented the components of Libyan society and its window over the other world.

The Ministry, through its various embassies, departments and diplomatic missions around the world and through its ambassadors, representatives and diplomats, forms the link between the good leadership of the State of Libya and the peoples of the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation work to promote friendship and cooperation between them and the States of the world at various levels and in the political, economic and cultural spheres.

The Ministry represents the voice of the State in arab, islamic and international forums. In terms of its functions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation carries out a number of tasks and functions relating to the planning of the State’s foreign policy and the supervision of its implementation in coordination with the governmental bodies concerned.

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Libyan Export Promotion Center

The Libyan Export Promotion Center for Export is committed to providing exporters with the skills, knowledge and information necessary for the successful completion of their export work, assisting in identifying appropriate opportunities and ensuring that companies have the means to make them successful in external markets. The Center provides all forms of support, such as the introduction, work and activities of Libyan companies during international events and exhibitions, thus providing a basis for supporting all stages and details of the work and ensuring the success of the export business.

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Privatization and Investment Board

Privatization and Investment Board was founded in 2009  rule (No.89) to promote foreign and national capital to set up investment projects in various production and service sectors within the general policy framework of the country and the social and economic development goals. In addition, the board also supervises and implements the process necessary for the success of the investment projects in accordance with Law and its executive regulation for promoting investment in Libya.

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General Information Authority

The General Information Authority is a governmental body affiliated to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Council Resolution of the Government of National Accord No. (91) for the year 2020 regarding the reorganization of the General Information Authority. It enjoys legal personality and independent financial disclosure and is responsible for implementing state policies in the information field.
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Financial Facilities Fund 
Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation
The Financial Facilities Fund was established in 2007 and its management committee was re-formed by a decision of His Excellency the Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation Dr. / Al-Mahdi and Radmi Al-Amin No. (237) for the year 2018  issued on October 29, 2018. An effective nucleus to be a permanent basis for achieving the objectives of the Fund and the directions of the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation in accordance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and for its various activities and events to be a clear challenge and tangible determination to create a positive model for the development support sector in Libya. The Financial Facilities Fund depends for its financing on social responsibility programmes
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Chairs of the Committee

Conference President
Dr.Yasseein Abusriwill

Outbox team leader
Ph.D . HR Management & IT Management.

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee
Dr.Abdelsamea Amer

Ph.D. Project Engineering Expert in Development Strategies

Executive Director Outbox team

Chairman of the Strategic committee
Dr. Ahmed Becha

International Five Consulting Ceo & Leader
One of the hugest Digital Icons in Europe


Chairwoman of the Communication Committee and General Coordinator of the Conference.

Ms. Maryam Hamami

Global Director of Marketing & Communication in International Five Consulting

Expert of Marketing and Communication with an important experience in different business fields